What the heck is a Squonk?


M.Night Shyamalan is renowned for keeping the plotlines of his movies under lock and key up until, well, the movies out. A scooper for Creature Corner, thinks he might have the answer to what lurks in “The Woods” though, Night’s next flick. It’s already been reported that the film’s about mythical beasts that live in a forest near a small town during the 19th century, but up till now there’s been no word on what type of creature it is. The scooper has named them ‘Squonks’, and according to the site ‘They reportedly live in the Hemlock forest of Pennsylvania (which would make sense for M. Night…) and are horribly ugly creatures that weep constantly because they know how horrific they really are. If one tries to catch a Squonk, it immediately dissolves into tears and water, making them impossible to prove as real or legend.’ Anyone’s who ever run into such a creature, want to add something?