Chalke 'Scrubs' up for "Die Hard" role?


There’s a new “Die Hard” in the works – which we know. What we don’t know is exactly how far ahead it is. Bruce Willis is contracted to do it [much to his repugnance apparently]. John McTiernan is in the running to return as Director. One script suggests John McClane’s daughter, Lucy, might be one of the film’s central characters [one story floating around suggests daughter is kidnapped by pirates and Dad has to come to her rescue]. And another rumour suggests they might already have a title: Die Hardest. The Z Review heard from a scooper who says both Kelly Brook [who I’ve heard too is a contender] and Sarah Chalke [she of “Scrubs” fame] are both up for the Lucy McClane role. The site says there are two scripts doing the rounds – One by Ben Trebilcook and is being Championed by WMA in LA and also high ranking officials in the NYPD, and the other has had 20 or so of the hottest scribes in the business hacking it – and both feature the character of John’s daughter. So looks like whenever the film arries – 2005 is the bet – it’ll feature young Lucy M.