Lynch returning to the 'Peaks' of his career?


My fellow “Twin Peaks” fans I come with a message of hope. A message that suggests it might not be over for fans of the cult series. David Lynch’s series has been done for over ten years now, but seems there’s still some interest out there for it. A couple of years back a U.K Company called Phoenixmedia were in contact to let us know they had an idea for a “Twin Peaks” prequel movie called “With a thousand Angels”. A couple of the supporting actors were interested, but according to the rumour mill, David Lynch and most of the leads [I presume that means MacLachlan] didn’t want a piece of it. A quick check over at the Phoenixmedia website reveals that the film is still on the cards in their list of productions. I – along with most of the fans – have been shrugging this off though, because it doesn’t seem to be getting any further than ‘an idea’, But this week, the guys at CHUD spoke to Leland Palmer himself, Ray Wise [who’s currently appearing in “Jeepers Creepers II”] who offered this beauty: “David [Lynch] himself has said the story’s not over, so who knows? He said the town still lives on.” Watch this Space…but not too hard.