Karvan her up another piece of Lucas


Funnily enough, Joel Edgerton tells me Claudia Karvan couldn’t have given two hoots about being cut from “Star Wars Episode II”, and from the sounds of it didn’t enjoy her experience on the film much anyway. Now, according to StarWars.com, Karvan’s been asked to return to reprise her role [which was cut from the finished film previously, only to be seen on the DVD] as Padmé Amidala’s sister, Sola Naberrie. In addition, Child actors Hayley Mooy and Keira Wingate will again appear as Pooja and Ryoo Naberrie, respectively, daughters of Sola. Be interesting to see if they make the final cut this time around. Or else, I’m sure Ms Karvan will be taking to someone with a sabre.Want to know what happens to Anakin in “Episode III” – yeah, I know you now he turns into Vader, but want to know how? It’s quite spoilerish, so what I’ll do is I’ll add the goods on a consequential page. If you don’t want to hear how Anakin falls to the Dark side, I stress you not click through.

Ok, according to a scooper for TheForce.Net, “So you heard that Anakin loses a leg? I’m impressed, they haven’t even shot that scene yet – maybe this week? Between that and his arm and you’ve got a wicked mixture of man and machine. That, and that whole burned to a crisp deal. Literally. Well, I’ve got something else to add. His leg is gone from about the knee down or so, not at the thigh like some have speculated. AND he loses something else as well. All of his hair is gone – singed in the fire. And he gets that massive head wound in Episode III – the one you see briefly on Vader unmasked in Return of the Jedi".

Heavy stuff – but intriguing all the same. Anyone else got their fingers crossed this last instalment is going to be a goodie?