What's with Edgerton and Swords?


The news doesn’t surprise me at all, considering he’s being sent to every LA Ausition his agent can get him a look-in for [that includes “Superman”], and now Joel Edgerton is up for the lead in a new Ridley Scott film. According to IGN FIlmForce, Australia’s Joel could be playing King Baldwin IV in the recently mooted “The Crusades”. At a recent press conference for “Matchstick Men”, Scott said "I’m doing Crusades next….I’ve been on this idea of The Crusades for almost twenty years, you know. So I’ve been developing it for the last nineteen months, really, with another writer. I’ve been through two evolutions before. Never got there because I felt the subject has to be dealt in such a delicate fashion….It’s one giant misunderstanding". And why Joel? "We’re trying to get no star. We’re trying to go that route".