What Cinemas will be showing in 2020


You’ve heard it a million times before, but a “Simpsons” movie is coming – or so says executive producer Al Jean to dvd.ign.com, “There’s no script yet. We’re just beginning to talk about a story, that’s about it. The actors have signed to do three movies, but certainly it won’t come out this year or next, it will be a while.” Jean adds, Well, we want to make it something worth going to the movies for. The trick with a TV show is always why would people pay for something they can see for free, and so we will try and make it worth it.” And how many years does the show have left in it? “I wouldn’t be surprised if it went to twenty. The cast right now is contracted through season 15 but we’re hoping to get them back for more. If they wanted to do it and we wanted to do it and we had the stories to do it I think we could do it going for twenty years”