It's all about Anderson?


If I hadn’t been media, I tell ya, I might have even walked out of “Scary Movie 2” there a couple of year’s back. What a croc that was. Loved the first flick – hated the second. So when news crossed the wire that “Scary Movie 3” – the first Wayans-less sequel – is testing through the roof my eyes lit up. Talking to the LA Times, Anthony Anderson said he’s had to go up to Vancouver again to shoot some more scenes. "The movie’s been testing through the roof," he says. "They’re actually expanding my part because people have commented that they want to see more of my character. I play the Mekhi Phifer character in ‘8 Mile.’ The film also spoofs ‘The Ring’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can.’" Hope he’s right. Though do have to say the Michael Jackson scene looks pretty gag-worthy, hope the rest of it’s just as much a cack.