Campion In the Cut-ting room


Jane Campion’s saucy new flick “In the Cut” – about a New York writing teacher caught in a relationship with a hard-edged New York cop during a murder investigation – has been given an R rating in Australia. The R rating, for high-level sex scenes and medium-level violence, reflects the film’s frankness in dealing with desire and trust, says the Sydney Morning Herald. Australian distributor Ross Entwistle, managing director of Columbia TriStar Films, was not surprised by the tough rating. "That’s very much what we expected," he said yesterday. "And it doesn’t bother us. It’s a picture that’s made for adults." Entwistle said the film showed Campion’s imprint on the thriller genre. "She’s been successful in elevating what was otherwise a straight genre piece to a really intelligent thriller." Campion has been trying to cut the film for the U.S so she doesn’t get an NC-17. Apparently Australia – where it commences in November – will be treated to ‘The Directors Cut’. Everyone got their spectacles on for a bit of Meg Ryan in the buff feat?

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