Jay and Steve's Wild Water Adventure


Two top filmmakers. One semi-interesting project. According to Variety, Jay Roach and Steven Soderbergh are teaming to produce a new film inspired by a "This American Life" radio show for Warner Bros. Pictures as a potential vehicle for Roach to direct.

The episode titled “Niagara”, which featured three intertwined stories, inspired screenwriter Bill Wheeler. He’s signed to write an original screenplay loosely based on the show, a neo-noir thriller that evokes the mood and feeling of Niagara Falls.The film, whose working title will be Niagara, is a thriller about an ex-con who plays the organ at a quickie wedding church in Niagara. When he learns from a newspaper advertisement that his estranged son of seven years plans to go down the falls in a barrel as a publicity stunt to get money, he realizes he must stop him. He then decides to rob the local lottery winner to get his son the money.

However, the robbery goes awry and the father finds himself pursued by the police as the robbery implicates him indirectly in a murder. Meanwhile, demons of his past haunt him as he is inexorably drawn toward a fate intertwined with the falls.

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