Tell Goldblum, we're not in


They’re remaking the flippin’ “Fly” now too! Not even 20 years since it was last redone, Fox Searchlight has made a deal to remake The Fly, with feature newcomer Todd Lincoln writing the script and directing. Apparently the success of “28 Days Later”, got the studio thinking another version of the flick could work. Lincoln is an admirer of the 1958 original and David Cronenberg’s 1986 redo and swears he won’t fall into that fly-trap of regurgitating a well-worn plot. "I’m one of those comic book sci-fi fans who read the remake announcements and groan," he tells Variety. "This is certainly inspired by the original but it’s a total re-imagining." What new things can we expect? "Why, in both films, did the fly never fly?" Did you say Fly? Did my ears just prick up?

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