Something unspooled at Toronto


‘Michael’ is just one the lucky folks mixing it up in Toronto right now, and tells us about an interesting little flick he had the pleasure of catching. First time I’ve actually heard the words ‘Interesting’ and ‘Matthew Modine’ in the same sentence actually.

I just saw a screening of "Hollywood North" at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

The premise of this comedy is about a high-brow movie production "Lantern Moon" that morphs into low-ball exploitation movie "Flight To Bogota", while yet another film within-the-film documents hot ‘behind-the-scenes’ action, directed by Debra "Crash" Kara Unger in all her blonde, blue-eyed glory. Thankfully the throbbing Unger gets to feed her hunger and locks those luscious lips on a few luckies, before this flick runs out of gas.

But there truly is some classic stuff here, including Matthew "Full Metal Jacket" Modine as a freaked-out film producer, running around looking like Roger Rabbit in a turtle-neck, juicy Jennifer "Bound" Tilly as a sex-crazed actress in some nasty nude scenes (including a wham-bam on a table-top that tries to outdo Kim Cattrall’s classic "Porky’s" porking – thoroughly documented and lovingly replayed for the crew between scene set-ups.

The other wonderful thing about "Hollywood North" is the appearance of co-star Alan "The Fixer" Bates, the 1970’s cinema icon who plays a demented, gun-toting actor that makes Network’s ‘Howard Beale’ look like a game-show host. Bates plays ‘Michael Baytes’ a flag-waving, cocaine-crazed maniac, delivering his lines as only the Brits can.

I had the good fortune of appearing in this film as the ‘Bogota Sound Man’ and not that embarrassed by what I saw at the press screening.

"Hollywood North" is no "Player", but good enuff for a few laffs.

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