Sunnydale Mayor back in office?


Remember ‘The Mayor’ [Richard Wilkins III] on TV’s “Buffy”? Well he’s coming back. Kinda. Let’s just say Harry Groener’s the actor, ‘The Mayor’ is the name of the character anyway. The former “Buffy” star dropped into Moviehole to share the news. “I start the series I got called The Mayor. (nothing to do with Buffy) It’s a sitcom for the WB and we’ve been picked up for six episodes as a midseason replacement to air in January I think”, says Harry. “Dawn [his wife] and I did an episode of a new sitcom for the WB I think, I could be wrong about that, called I’m with Her staring Teri Polo and David Sutcliffe. We had a ball doing it and the two of them are wonderful together. It should be a very good show. Next week I do two episodes of another new hour long show called Las Vegas starring James Caan. I play a star chef called Gunther. It should be fun”.