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Unmasking the Mask

Superhero Hype has received a spiffy update on the “Mask” sequel, “Son of the Mask”, which begins shooting November 24th in Australia. The film, starring Jamie Kennedy and Alan Cumming, will reportedly be shooting down under until March, at which time it will return to L.A For post.

The scooper writes, “Have gotten some interesting news from the Son of the Mask Production, which begins shooting on November 24 and should be in Australia till Mid March when they return for Post in LA. This movie will be a much more VFX heavy film then the first one.

“Jamie Kennedy’s character Tim will only put the mask on twice in the film. Once for a big costume party scene and then, at the end for Huge Chase scene. The actual star of the film will be a CGI baby that will be created over at ILM. After Jamie Kennedy’s character has sex with his wife while wearing the mask, a baby born with the power of the mask is born. The comedy and bulk of the movie focuses on Tim’s relationship with his baby who can do anything that a person could do, if they were wearing the mask.

“A subplot is Loki, played by Alan cumming, in search of the Mask. In this film, Odin makes Loki find the mask before he can return home. There are several scene with Odin and Loki. Loki does not find Tim and the baby till the end of the film which leads to what could be one of the biggest CGI car chase scene every. If they stick to the script this car chase scene should blow the audience away.

On a side note, been getting conflicting reports that the film’s due to film in Sydney, and Queensland. Which one is it?

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