Set your Peepers on Victor's next Creepers


Something different on the way for “Jeepers Creepers” director, Victor Salva. According to Production Weekly, Salva’s next will be the indy flick “Deluxe Combo” starring Jennifer Tilly and Rachel Roberts [“Simone”]. The film follows a small-town waitress, Eve Stuckley, who secretly lusts for Jeff Sweeney, the town’s most eligible bachelor. When Eve finally decides to throw caution to the wind and pursue her man, a successful, beautiful, big-city, corporate executive named Linda Avery (Roberts) comes into town, throwing the entire male population into an uproar. The chase is on for Linda, but it’s a prize-less contest, as Linda desires Eve. The film begins production in October. Salva also talked to the BBC about his proposed new version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. "I think it’s just one of the best ideas that any writer has ever come up with and that’s why it translates so well in each incarnation”. Also on the man’s schedule is a ghost story called “Lighthouse” and a WWII film called “The Watch”. “like [it] very much because it’s a horror movie and a wonderful anti-war story at the same time. I think we really need our anti-war stories right now, because we’re falling back into a very dangerous place". Also watch this space for an announcement on “Jeepers Creepers 3”.