Clints Bits – 10/9


Had an interesting chat with Australian Film Director, Jonathan Teplitzky, whose new film “Gettin’ Square” is released here in a few weeks. We had a good converse about the marketing of films, in particular sharing my reasons for exiting the marketing and advertising field and trying my hand at…well…the film pasture. Interesting stuff the guy has to say and you can look for it in an exclusive interview here soon. In addition, Teplitzky tells me about his next couple of projects : One is based on A New York Novelists book called “Reservation Road”, about two fathers – one the perpetrator and one the father of the victim. Nice change of pace indeed.

  • CommandEntertainment reports that Miramax have acquired US, Latin American and Australian rights to Japanese director Takeshi Kitano’s "Zatoichi".

  • Columbia Pictures in Australia say they’ll no longer be releasing “Gigli” in theatres here. Instead, it’ll be buried on video and DVD under the title “Tough Love”.

  • Coming Soon reported that “Porridge” star Rory McCann has won the role of Alexander’s right-hand man in Oliver Stone’s “Alexander”.

  • Newmarket Films has acquired all US theatrical rights to MDP Worldwide’s “Monster”, the ‘Charlize Theron goes Ugly’ flick.

  • Shia LaBeouf [“Holes”] has been cast as Chaz, a sidekick to ‘Constantine’, in the Keanu Reeves starring film of the same name.

  • Bloody Disgusting point the way here to the trailer for “Mimic 3 : Sentinel”, which they say they’ll be reviewing later this week.

  • Dark Horizons reports that Christophe Gans might be taking over during duties from Peter Pau on the live-action “Mulan” pic, “Hua Mulan”, set to star Chow Yun Fat.

  • Dark Horizons reports that Sean S.Cunningham has denied any involvement with “Halloween 9”.

  • Lucy Lawless [“Xena”] has joined the cast of TV’s “Tarzan”, she’ll play Tarzan’s Aunt.

  • – via Dark Horizons – reports that Madonna is keen for a role in the controversial ‘based on a true story’ drama, “West Memphis Three” about three teenagers sentenced to death in 1993 for the murder of three eight-year-olds.

  • Dark Horizons reports that Gene Wilder, health permitting, might cameo in the forthcoming film version of “The Producers” opposite Nathan Lane.

  • has the first ever effects shots from the forthcoming sequel up.

  • Topher Grace and Laura Linney will lead the new romantic comedy “P.S”, about a woman who falls for a man 15 years her junior, for director Dylan Kidd.

  • The trailer for “Gothika” can now be accessed here and here, whilst “In the Cut” has it’s trailer up here and here.

  • Penelope Cruz will play a Latina neurologist who falls for Dirk Pitt [Matthew McConaughey] in the anticipated “Sahara”

  • Superhero Hype reports that the teaser trailer for “Spider-Man 2” might be shown with “Lord of the Rings : Return of the King” on December 17.

  • Val Kilmer will play the Macedonian king Philip and Alexander’s Dad in Oliver Stone’s “Alexander”.

  • talked to Director Robert Rodriguez who says he’d still like to do a feature film version of “Madman” sometime.

  • Australian actor Dominic Purcell [“John Doe”] will play the villain in “Blade : Trinity”, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Australian Director Robert Luketic looks set to direct “Monster in Law” starring Jennifer Lopez and [probably] Jane Fonda.

  • Richard Linklater will direct a still-untitled feature film in a similar tone as "Dazed as Confused" that will be set at a Texas college in the 1980s.

  • Eddie Griffin has joined the cast of Franchise Pictures’ “The Wendell Baker Story”, written by Luke Wilson, about an ex-con who gets a job in a retirement hotel

  • Aint it Cool News is reporting that Bruce Campbell is set to star in Lucky McKee’s next film “The Woods”.

  • Jessica Alba is joining the cast of the Paul Walker flick, “Into the Blue”, about a young treasure-hunting couple who come upon a stash of cocaine that puts them in the path of unsavory salvagers.