"Firefly" can falls…and beans spill out


Joss Whedon talked to SFX Magazine about where he would’ve liked to have taken the “Firelfy” series, whilst hinting where the movie might go. "Part of what the film is about has to do with River, and that whole mystery, and that was going to be revealed over the course of the series. Um, but the places I wanted to take them were the dark, quiet places, where you have to make the really, really, hard decisions. Where you have to decide how many people you can save. If you can save anybody, how much of yourself you can give away. Every day’s a negotiation and sometimes it’s done with guns"…."And that’s what makes frontier life so fascinating. That’s what makes the show so interesting to me. Nothing is set. There’s no holodecks. There’s nothing safe about where they are, except they have each other." Thanks to Counting Down.