Clints Bits – 11/9


Today’s going to be the longest day for me, since well TV1 had that “Seinfeld” marathon on or the local had 2 buck spirits all night. At 2am I’ve got an elite phoner with one of today’s most talented actors and then at 9am, I’m going chatty with one of the intellects behind this summer’s loudest, most explosive film. It’s been a busy week actually – lots of stuff going on, and of course, you’ll know all when it’s up on the page. Meantime, must whistle for my assistant for a Latte…and best wishes out to ‘Baby Nugget’

  • SneakPeek.CA says there’s a make out scene between Joan Cusack and Jack Black from “School of Rock” that didn’t make it into the film – that will hopefully make it onto the DVD.

  • Actor John Thomson [“Cold Feet”] has reportedly landed a part in the new Jim Carrey film, “Lemony Snicket”, says Ananova. Thomson is also up for a role in a new David E.Kelley series.

  • Bloody Disgusting has a scoop review of “Mimic : Sentinel” up here. Apparently it’s a good flick…You can also check out the cover art for the film here

  • DVD Answers has a first look at the artwork for this summer’s most anticipated DVD Release, the “Alien Quadrilogy”. Check it out here.

  • Rumour is Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom mightn’t be returning for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel. They reportedly want to get going on the film soon, and the duo are all booked.

  • Leading up to the release of ‘The Return of the King’, Roadshow Films will release a limited number of 35mm prints of the Special Extended Editions of “The Fellowship of the Ring” and “The Two Towers” in theatres across Australia.

  • Lawrie Zion has written an excellent take on the poor performance of Australian Films at the Box Office this year. You can check it out here.

  • The IMDB says Village Roadshow is likely to pull out of its co-production deal with Warner Bros. on the production of “Troy”, because of the preference share issue.

  • Joe Straczynski told the IGN Film Force website that – in contrary to what’s been reported – there isn’t any talk of a “Babylon 5” reunion.

  • Those ‘Corn’ fans wondering where “Children of the Corn 8” is don’t despair. Dimension says they’ve temporarily put the film on hold.

  • Singer-actress Hilary Duff’s debut album for Hollywood Records has gone to No. 1. The teen star’s "Metamorphosis" sold 130,600 units its second week.

  • According to his Official site, Corey Haim won’t be appearing in “Three’s a Crowd”. The Ireland-set film just kept pushing its start date back too many times apparently.

  • TheForce.Net reports that the duelling scene between Anakin Skywalker and Ob1 Kenobi was filmed this week. Very fast – were words used.