Ghost 'Back' in the Machine


Anthony Wong, who plays “Ghost” in “The Matrix Revolutions”, talked to WhatDVD about the upcoming final chapter. “[It is] Bigger, Better Faster”, he laughs. “The Matrix Revolutions really does show you why Matrix as a story was conceived as a trilogy. Because it really does deliver the powerful philosophical message that the Wachowskis wanted to bring to the world through this sort of high action, science fiction movie. Also you are going to see some very interesting things happen”. He adds, “I can just say that it totally pays off for the fans of the first two movies”.

Wong also commented on some of the bad feedback “Matrix Reloaded” received. “I have heard about that criticism and that’s why I say that Matrix Revolutions will really answer any of the critics of the second movie. Because the second and third movies are like one story divided in half, the third one really does wrap up a lot of the loose ends. The second Matrix does pose a lot of questions that people walk out going, wow, gosh, what does that mean? I don’t understand it. Well Matrix Revolutions really does answer those and wrap up the story”.