Shyamalan directs Brendan Fraser as "Superman"?


With the new “Batman” gaining the most steam it’s bare in months, it won’t be surprising if we get something official on the new – but long, long awaited – “Superman” production soon too. But meantime, the rumour mill tray is still open for business. Superhero Hype received a comprehensive scooper report indicating that McG is directing, the film is now called “Kal-El : Genesis of Superman” and that Brendan Fraser is back in the running for the lead. In stranger news, self-confessed “Superman” fan, M.Night Shyamalan could be writing and directing the new movie, according to

Here’s the Superhero Hype report:

As set building begins at Burbank, a few things to report from here at the Warners lot about Director Joseph McGinty Nichol’s forthcoming Superman movie for producer Jon Peters. Firstly JJ Abrams third draft script is being heavily operated on by writing partners S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, mutual friends of McG and Jon Peters. The working title (which could change), is Kal-El : Genesis of Superman The plan is to take the screenplay into a gritty, Daredevil territory with the Superman character with a lot of the Star Trek inspired influences of Abrams scripts still in place. Secondly, and honestly, I know a lot of these rumours fly around (no pun), Brendan Fraser is back in the running to play the Man of Steel, and has been working closely, before anything has been signed, with Wilson, Maddock and McG, to fashion a script around his intended portrayal of Superman. If Fraser signs on, he will get $25million to play Superman, but Warners are still considering a cheaper, unknown actor whose wage won’t cut a wedge out of the films budget. Required viewing for the entire production team are episodes of the Max Fleischer cartoon which are being handed out to by Warners to give an idea of the feel of the movie. And the feel that the production team are going for in terms of look is somewhere between a 30’s Gangster epic and anyone of the last four Star Trek movies.