Guy Pearce to star in Cave's Bushranger western?


Guy Pearce is set to star in “The Proposition”, a new film written by musician Nick Cave. Cave, who also wrote the film “Ghosts of the Civil Dead”, previously described the movie as "a kangaroo western, set at the end of the bushranger era in Australia. It’s funny; it’s very violent and very moving." Cave talked to Creem Online momentarily about it saying "It’s taking up a huge amount of time, mostly sitting around, waiting for people to get back to you," he said. "I’m slowly learning that a screenwriter is pretty much the bottom part of the food chain in Hollywood. They’re not deal makers, they’re these people who sit in rooms and dream about things. They’re not taken that seriously, which is kind of extraordinary." Pearce apparently jumped pretty much straight onto the Aussie flick – which is set to start filming next year under the direction of John Hillcoat. Expect an official announcement shortly.