Stuntman mixed in "Nixon" Assassination plot


Moviehole caught up with veteran stuntman Rocky Capella this morning who is hard at work on Sean Penn’s new movie “The Assassination Of Richard Nixon”. “I was the stunt coordinator, plus I played the part of the security guard Sean’s character shoots to start his way down to the bottom. Interesting film, It will be a good piece for Sean come award time”, says Capella. The old-hand also tells us he’s about direct his primary movie. “I am attached to direct my first feature, "Sleeping with the Lion" which is one of the best scripts I have ever read. We have a great production team are going to start filming this project next year.” The film, starring Ernie Hudson, Esther Hwang, Paul Provenza, Clint Howard and Dwight Hicks, “will pay homage to the modern day Hitchcockian film noir genre”. You can check out the film’s teaser poster as well as storyboards for it here

Capella also worked on “The Hulk”, “I worked as a stuntman during the first part of the Hulk shot last April and May, working in the helicopter as one of the crewmen sitting next to Jennifer Connelly and Sam Elliott (very nice people), then I also did some of the stunt driving. Then when they did the motion capture for the hulk in December, January and February at ILM, I stunt coordinated the motion capture stunt and the reshoots which also involved some stunt driving. I also played the Hulk character for all the motion capture, working directly with director Ang Lee who also put on the motion capture suit and we battled together. He is a very cool guy.

“I did sustain a few injuries during the motion capture shoot. We all got our bruises (motion capture is one of the hardest stunt jobs since you can’t use many pads and the stunt person has to "sellout" as we say every take. This means hit the ground hard with no caution, very intense stuff. But I also got my eye retina cut from the reflectors so I was virtually half blind for a couple of days.”

And does he think the film was good enough to merit a sequel? “I don’t know if there is a Hulk sequel in the cards, but they sure left it open for one. I’m sure if this one makes a bunch of money, they’ll make another. You know, I did like the hulk. My 6 year old son kept wanting to see the green man sooner, but I thought the way Ang put it together, developing the characters and story line was really cool.”