Clints Bits – 22/9


A number of various bits today, ranging from more “Alien” DVD news [needs its own page don’t you think?], Trailers for a slew of new films, the return of Jackie Collins [the neighbourhood dogs are howling], “Batman” rumour debunking and changes for “The Mask” sequel.

  • According to Dark Horizons, The BBFC has passed a 139 minute cut for "Alien 3" for the DVD disc set – the original theatrical version in PAL format disc was just 110 minutes.

  • The official site for “Resident Evil : Apocalypse” has been updated with new images, the film’s plot and the fresh trailer.

  • Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson [“Dragonfly”] have sold a 911-themed spec script to Columbia about a 911 operator, grieving over the death of her sister, who begins to receive spooky emergency calls about murders 24 hours before they’re committed.

  • A teaser trailer for the upcoming “Thunderbirds” movie is now online here. Go to the forthcoming films option.

  • A new trailer for Eddie Murphy’s “The Haunted Mansion” is online here. It’s available in all formats.

  • Author Jackie Collins will develop the film “Fish Out of Water”, about a young woman from the Midwest who comes to Hollywood to marry a studio mogul and finds herself in rich-and-famous central but unexpectedly falls in love with the caterer.

  • Screenwriter Jim Uhls [“Fight Club”] will pen the darkly comic crime actioner, “Hard Hearts” about a bounty-hunting couple who must chase down their most dangerous prey while planning their wedding.

  • Dreamworks will distribute Robert Towne’s “Ask the Dust” starring Colin Farrell and Eva Mendes. The latter duo star as immigrants whose plans to climb the social ladder is dashed when they fall in love in 1930s L.A.

  • Rob Bowman will direct “The Last Buffalo Hunt”, about a band of voyagers who encounter mercenaries, angry local tribes and government assassins as they track lost treasure from WWII in the South Pacific.

  • Superhero Hype has some exclusive pics of the car being used for “The Punisher” up. Check them out here.

  • reports that a new title is being sought for “Son of the Mask”, the upcoming sequel to the Carrey hit with Jamie Kennedy in the lead.

  • Batman-On-Film says that the recent rumours of a “Batman : Year One” resurrection with David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon are untrue – it’s not happening.

  • Bloody Disgusting has details on one of the cut scenes we will see on the “Freddy vs. Jason” DVD. Details here

  • FilmForce talked to Mike Epps who had a bit to say on the upcoming film version of TV’s “The Honeymooners”. Check it out here

  • The Daily Telegraph reports that musicians Machine Gun Fellatio, can’t appear on the international print of the film “Gettin’ Square” because its provocative name may upset the more conservative film-going US public. So, another print has been ordered and MGF has been listed on the soundtrack.

  • According to Ananova, David Beckham is said to close to nabbing a role in Lawrence Bender, Mike Jefferies and Matt Barrelle new football trilogy, described as “8 mile meets Rocky”.

  • Aint it Cool News heard from a scooper who said that the rumoured “Star Wars” DVD set for next year includes all new digital scenes – including the restored Jabba and Han Solo scene.