Wonder if Dudley would even want Moore?


If it’s not a sequel, old TV show or video-game, it’s a remake. And seems someone about to munificently reap what the hackneyed trend brings is Director Blake Edwards. According to Dark Horizons, half the filmmakers back catalogue has been optioned for seconds. "It seems there are two rival remakes of "10" vying for the big screen. You no doubt recall Blake Edwards’ own remake "10 Again" which has Antonio Banderas circling for MDP. Well it seems Warner Brothers (who distributed the original Orion film) have recently revived their urban remake "The Bomb" with the announcement this week that Magic Johnson has come aboard as Executive Producer. Martin Lawrence was formerly attached to the project".

The site also reports that Edwards has been talking to Sony about a remake of his 1962 flick ‘Experiment in Terror’" and is trying to bring his classic detective series "Peter Gunn" back to TV, but Paramount are reportedly hoping John Woo does a film version of it instead.

Oh, and remember the plans for a new “Pink Panther”? I’ve heard that Ivan Reitman (who last planned on casting Chris Tucker as a black Clouseau with Jackie Chan as Cato) may be off of this project for MGM. The studio is currently mulling rather to proceed with a remake or another sequel to relaunch the franchise. Before the "Rush Hour" duo were being hunted for the roles, Reitman had been close to signing Mike Myers for Clouseau. Word is Myers is close to signing for the remake of another Peter Sellers-Blake Edwards film, "The Party" which Myers’ "Austin Powers" director Jay Roach is set to helm for DreamWorks and MGM".