Sounds like someone needs to get in the game


Richard Taylor, who created countless computer effects for “Tron”, told Newszine that he’s still confident a film sequel will happen – he even has an idea for the look. "There would be the old game grid over there in some domain and you might pass by some deteriorating light cycles, but there should be fractal forests and cyber creatures, things you haven’t seen before”, he says. I thought we’d check in with one of our insiders on the flick to see if there is any movement on the film. “Not yet, but if it does, it doesn’t look like Jeff Bridges will be doing it. Whatever the case, it’s a great script – they’ll attract someone with a name. Give it two months time, after the game has been out a while, and there might be more movement on this one”. Apparently Steven Lisberger is still very serious about making it. “I think he’d go so far as to make it as an Indy, he’s so determined to tell the story. But I can’t really see Disney turning it down in the long term”.