As Tina sang, We Don't need another Hero

121 talked to storyboard artist/writer/director/producer, Peter Von Sholly, who worked on the original “Superman Lives” project, about the new version and whether he thinks it’ll work out. “Nobody in management ever seems to come from a background where they would know or really care about the material. I worked on a (thankfully) aborted version of the Fantastic Four. There is no respect for the material and the people running things generally don’t even know what the hell it is. It’s just a job. There is usually no passion, Spider-Man being an exception. I worked with Sam Raimi on Darkman and I know he really knows and loves the source material. That’s why Spider-Man was so good”, he says. And who should play Superman? “Whoever’s right, but somebody who looks right, not some quirky weird choice. I guess it could change too, like James Bond. An unknown might be best. People already know Superman. Like the guy who played the Hulk looked pretty right I thought. They didn’t really need a big name for the part.” Von Sholly says someone like Alan Moore could’ve done it justice. Thanks to ‘Superhero Hype’