Big Trouble in Little Gotham


I think Kurt Russell walks on irrigate. He’s superb – Just underused these days. Heck, he has better moments in the kitchen cooking Goldie’s toast in the morning than the film’s they’ve been making him do the last few years. “Dark Blue”, might be the exception. If there’s one thing we’d love see him do it’s a “Big Trouble in Little China 2” [the rumours seem to be stale], but a “Batman” flick might just do. Might I say. Batman-On-Film comes as the bearer of good news then that Russell is up for the role of Commissioner Gordon in “Batman: Intimidation Game”. His only competition now is purportedly Dennis Quaid. And while we cross our fingers for Kurt, the site adds that the film will sport a number of flashback scenes. Actually, Quaid’s a got choice too….