Seems Heath is just not hairy enough


Kate Winslet was once considered to be his first choice for it, but seems with her star falling and Naomi Watts rising, “King Kong” director Peter Jackson only has eyes for the spunky Aussie. According to Variety, Jackson has offered the lead role to Watts for Universal’s Christmas 2005 film.
Since drawing attention for Mulholland Drive, Watts has been in career overdrive, due largely to her last appearance in a remake, starring in the DreamWorks hit redo The Ring. In King Kong, Watts would play Ann Darrow, an American actress who makes a living performing in Broadway song and dance shows in Depression-era New York. Jackson has written the script with Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, his co-conspirators for scripts on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film will shoot in New Zealand, where Jackson has built formidable soundstages and special effects studios. Jessica Lange sobs in into her mashed pumpkin lunch treat.