He had the option on it, but seems Director Rob Cohen has decided two hints of Diesel is enough…he’s off “XXX 2”. According to FilmJerk, Cohen will instead be directing "Stealth," a project he has been eyeing for some time and which will begin principal photography January 2004 in Australia. According to the site, ““Stealth” centers on three fliers, members of a top-secret program that uses stealth planes to develop and revolutionize modern warfare. The trio find themselves poised on the brink of a brave new world when they are introduced to “Eddie,” a drone stealth plane that promises to radically change the shape of war. But when “Eddie” (short for Extreme Deep Invader) gets hit by a lightning bolt, his artificial intelligence is reconfigured into an alarmingly human form – egotism, foibles and all – and becomes a threat, almost igniting a world war”. Sam Shepard has already signed on for a role. Lee Tamahori [“Deathlok”] is now a fave to take over directing duties on “XXX 2”.