Clints Bits – 23/9


We’re Moviehole, but today’s bits might make you deem otherwise with nearly one in three titbits relating to Television. But when something stupid like, say, Rose McGowan deciding she’s better than TV’s “Charmed” and opting out of the next season, happens, it’s just priceless print-worthy material. Also among today’s bits – snippets on “Catwoman”, “Jinx”, “Die Hard 4”, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” and the end of Tom Green’s eminent relationship with MTV.

  • Michael Eisner told The New York Times that “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” will be the last Disney flick to be based on a ride. Pull out the sparklers!

  • Comeback kid Kiefer Sutherland will narrate the first-ever IMAX 3D NASCAR film, “NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience”, says Coming Soon. Simon Wincer directed the film.

  • Johnny Depp will make a cameo appearance in Yvan Attal’s second directorial feature, “Ils se Marierent et Eurent Beaucoup d’Enfants” (They Married and Had Lots of Children).

  • Julia Roberts is in talks to replace Cate Blanchett in Mike Nichols’ adaptation of Patrick Marber’s play “Closer” at Columbia Pictures.

  • Josh Brolin and Brooke Smith have joined the cast of Woody Allen’s next film – still untitled of course – which has just started shooting in New York City.

  • M16 reports that “Jinx”, the Halle Berry starring 007 spin-off, is locked in for a November 2004 release.

  • The Z Review reports that Patience Price will be playing Selina Kyle’s apprentice in “Catwoman”. In addition, they say Michelle Pfeiffer is set to join Christian Bale on “Batman : Intimidation Game”, reprising her role as Kyle.

  • Over the weekend, Sony Pictures Classics’ "Winged Migration," last year’s Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary, grossed over 10 million dollars making it the highest grossing documentary of the year and the second
    highest of all time.

  • Screenwriter Jonathan Lemkin told FilmForce he’s “finishing a rewrite for hire on The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad for Sony, doing another rewrite-for-hire of a 3-D zombie movie for Disney (I’m not kidding) and then going back to a original script I had to put away on page 90 when I suddenly took these jobs”.

  • Dean Cain has an interesting chat to Zap2it about a couple of roles he wanted but missed out on, check it out here.

  • FilmForce has some exclusive deleted scenes and never before seen footage up from the forthcoming “Alien: The Directors Cut” here.

  • According to MediaSharx, Nicholas D’Agosto, Linda Cardellini, Parminder Nagra, and Donald Sutherland have all joined the cast of “E.R”.

  • E Online indicates that Rose McGowan might be quitting “Charmed” at the end of the season. What, better offers Rose?

  • TV Guide reports that MTV has pulled the plug on “The New Tom Green Show” — just weeks after the music channel renewed the latenight talker for an additional 65 episodes.

  • Alec Baldwin is set to star in a remake of “The Swimmer”, about a middle-aged advertising executive who sets out on a revelatory journey by swimming home through every backyard pool in his upscale Connecticut neighborhood.

  • Katia Lund will direct “Lil’ Romeo-starrer "Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Juliet”, a teenage/hip-hop take on Shakespeare’s classic "Romeo and Juliet”.

  • Mel Gibson’s Icon Prods. is in negotiations with Warner Bros. Pictures for Gibson to produce — with an eye toward starring in — a movie based on William Queen’s upcoming book "Under and Alone." The book tells of Queen’s infiltration of the Mongols motorcycle gang.

  • TV Guide reports that Moose, the 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier who has played Martin’s mischievous sidekick Eddie for 10 seasons on “Frasier”, has been replaced by son Enzo.

  • The first trailer spot for “The Matrix Revolutions” is online here. Keep your eyes on the TV all week.

  • William Morris has taken on the script of “Die Hard 4”, says The Z Review. Apparently Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin want to excise it of all terrorist elements.