Hopefully he's not singing for the soundtrack


“Rampant Scandal” – I kinda liked that name. Either the studio or Sly himself didn’t however, because the film – about the Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur murders – has undergone a name change to the rather B Sounding “Thugz Lifes”. Sylvester Stallone talked to The Chicago Sun Times about his plans for the film – not the change of title. "It’s like the JFK conspiracy to the black culture. There has never been an arrest. Why? It’s like taking out the two biggest stars like Eminem and Harrison Ford and not one arrest while this happened in front of everyone. It makes you scratch your head and go, ‘Huh?’… The music is what the Greek chorus would be in a classical Greek tragedy. The hip-hop soundtrack will push the story along," he says. Will today’s hip-hop stars do some of the tracks? "Yes, but I shouldn’t talk about it too much because it’s very competitive. I don’t want to burn some bridges or be burned on the bridge. We’re just getting into it right now and getting the cast together. A lot of the rappers will be new faces and I’ll be going with people in the hip-hop community”. Sly says the hip-hop community aren’t out to get him just yet. "I’ve heard some second-hand stuff. But mostly it’s been a lot of support. Maybe they’re in a state of shock about putting Stallone and hip-hop together," he says. "But there has been a little resistance because they feel as though I’m going to point fingers and try to create my own theories about who did what to whom. Not true. I’ll just lay it out exactly as its been recorded. I want the audience to go home and think about it and debate it."