Connery back at the M16?


Take this one with a grain of salt – but it’s an intriguing titbit. Mainly because he hasn’t been able to be coaxed into returning to the 007 series [even as a villain], it’s stalwartly disbelieving he’d want to star in a contra – lesser sounding – spy series. Regardless, The Z Review is reporting that the suavest Bond of all, Sean Connery, is in talks to take on the role of C, the head of operations, in “Semper Occultus”, the long in the planning M16 flick. There’s more to it though. Seems Connery’s Production company Fountain Bridge Films is mulling over a possible co-production deal with the film’s makers – meaning Connery gets to play around with it as much as he likes, in turn scoring himself a plum lead role. Kelly Brook and Jason Statham are rumoured to be playing the leads. Who knows…it could be on the money. It’s not like Sean’s picking plum gigs these days. Ciao “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.