Clints Bits – 24/9


Just chatting to someone about Kurt Wimmer’s next pic “Ultraviolet”. This guy’s in with it all, and says how extraordinary things are looking. They’ve been doing action tests on the thing for months, and apparently they’re looking trumps. It sounds like they’ve got something pretty special on their hands. It’s beginning its shoot in Shanghai in December, with Milla Jovovoch in the lead. I Actually just caught Wimmer’s “Equilibrium” for the first time. I must say – what a terrific little flick this is. How disappointing it didn’t do better than it did. Maybe there’s life in it for a series of direct to video sequels?

  • The Ultimate Anne Faris experience has a new “Scary Movie 3” clip up which includes a cameo from the Coors Light Twins.

  • Omar Epps [“The Mod Squad”] has joined the cast of the “Alfie” remake, playing Marlon, the best friend and co-worker of Alfie [Jude Law].

  • Billy Crystal is in talks return as host of the 76th Annual Academy Awards, to be telecast live from the Kodak Theatre on February 29, 2004. It’d be his ninth time.

  • A Couple of Australian release date changes. “Underworld” is now Dec 11, it was Oct 16, whilst
    “The Rundown” is now Jan 8, 04 rather than Dec 18. Icon has also moved “Cabin Fever” from late October to November 12th.

  • According to DVD Empire, The “Firefly” DVD set will be presented in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, contain 15 episodes of the series including 3 which never aired and feature: Audio Commentary on at least 1/2 of the episodes, ‘Here’s How It Was’, ‘Serenity: The 10th Character’ and a Tour of the Firefly set with Joss Whedon, deleted scenes, audition footage, and a gag reel.

  • Coming Soon have an exclusive look at the banner for “The Last Samurai”, which hits theatres December 5. Click the aforesaid link to view.

  • The Sun has snapped several pictures of Jennifer Esposito and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen on the set of the “Taxi” remake here,here and here.

  • Aucklander Keisha Castle-Hughes [“Whale Rider”] is believed to be appearing in “Star Wars Episode III” as the Queen of Naboo, reports The Z Review.

  • SciFi Wire reports that “Enterprise” will officially change its name to “Star Trek: Enterprise” with the Sept. 24 episode

  • Producer David E. Kelley will pen a big-screen remake of Agatha Christie’s classic mystery “Witness for the Prosecution”, Variety reports

  • Kim Closson is believed to be playing ‘the green haired girl’ in the club scenes [the club’s called NEO] in Robert Altman’s “The Company”.

  • UIP Australia have a release date for February 2005 for “The Ring 2”, starring Naomi Watts. Could, of course change.

  • Victor Sarin is the director of “Deluxe Combo Platter” not Victor Salva as Production Weekly previously reported.

  • reports that Halle Berry starrer “Gothika” has been pushed back from an October 24th release to November 21st.

  • According to Media Sharx, Sherilyn Fenn will make a two-episode guest appearance on TV’s “Boston Public” as an eccentric woman who gets into a car accident with Scott Guber and then "crashes her way into his life."

  • Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman will be headed to Sydney next month to promote “Kill Bill”.

  • Jeff Garlin and Jane Lynch will play Alexa Vega’s parents in “Sleepover”. The film starts shooting on Tuesday.

  • Nick Cannon will star in and executive produce the political thriller "The Beltway”, as a young intern on Capitol Hill who uncovers an illegal and dangerous plot overseen by the CIA.

  • A< href=""> has an exclusive poster of “The Cat in the Hat” up on their site here. The film opens November 2004.