Is Mad Max Dead?


I’ve heard this a few times lately from inside sources, and now the IMDB has picked up the story that “Mad Max 4” or “Fury Road” as they’re calling it could be ‘Dead in the Water’. According to the site, Prospects of Mel Gibson doing the sequel were dashed when he signed for Warner’s “Under And Alone” yesterday. Gibson had originally intended to shoot “Mad Max: Fury Road” in the southern Africa country of Namibia in May but halted preproduction citing security concerns following the outbreak of war with Iraq. Production offices in Swakopmund were shut down, dozens of contracts and leases for homes, apartments, car rentals, and caterers were cancelled, and sets built for the $100-million movie were warehoused. And now, even with space available – nothing seems to be happening. All our inside contact would say –albeit jokingly- was “Maybe…damn that Mel”. Watch this Space.