Clooney eyes potential holiday


George “Thank god they got that Bale kid cos there’s no way I’d be putting that nipple-suit article on again” Clooney let slip a few details about the upcoming “Oceans Twelve” to A< href="">IGN FilmForce."We start March first. We’re shooting in Paris, a little bit in Amsterdam and a little bit in Rome for a while. Yeah, it’s a tough shoot, it’s really hard to do, really awful to do it. It’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna have a good time. And we got everybody, everybody came back. We’ve, you know, the first thing that happens is everybody starts talking, and they go, ‘OK, now we’ve had a big hit.’ So, immediately it became kind of these big negotiations and stuff, and it wasn’t really interesting. And then, you know, we all sat in a room, we said, ‘Look, let’s do it for five percent less, and then we can be able to say we’re there because we want to be there because that’s truly why we’re there.’ So we all just said, ‘OK, let’s do it that way. It’s fine. We had a good time doing the last one. And, you know, we made good money in the back end. So if it works it works and if it doesn’t, we get to make a movie again together’. So it’s been fun". Clooney also confirmed Julia Roberts will be back.