Starsky, Hutch and a Funnier than expected outing


Someone’s seen “Starsky and Hutch”, the new modern-day ribbing of the classic cop series. This time, with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the leads. Any good? “Wisely, the skeleton of a story is expositioned within the first five or ten minutes. The rest of the film is filled with uptight straight cop Starsky (Ben Stiller) and playfully crooked cop Hutch (Owen Wilson) trying to find the murderer of a man who washed up in the bay. (Hutch’s proposed solution: find a stick and push him back out in the hopes the tide will take him”, scooper ‘Lucky Pierre’ tells Aint it Cool. “This was definitely funnier than either of director Todd Phillips’ previous efforts (Road Trip & Old School.) There were at least 5 or 6 times when the audience was roaring so loudly I wished there was a ‘rewind’ option”.

“One of my favorite bits involved Will Ferrell as a homo-erotic biker behind bars who offers information in exchange for Starsky & Hutch’s performance of a ‘dragon’ routine. I won’t go into detail on what that involves, suffice to say it gets caught on the prison’s security camera for a few more laughs later on. Another highlight involved Starsky playing Russian Roulette with a would-be assassin wherein Starsky thinks he’s slipped the bullet into his sleeve… but it drops back into the chamber when he goes to close it.

“The film moves pretty quickly and there weren’t many moments when the audience wasn’t at least chucking. I was glad to hear others in the audience laughing at some of the wittier asides (like the homage to Easy Rider and Owen Wilson wooing two cheerleaders by singing "Don’t Give Up On Us" which was a big hit for the original Hutch actor, David Soul, in the late 70s.) Vince Vaughn isn’t given much to do except be the bad guy although his rendition of ‘My Eyes Adored You’ is disturbingly noteworthy as he’s singing it to his character’s daughter in the film. Juliette Lewis is pretty much wasted and I can count her lines on one hand. I’m undecided on whether or not the 70s setting worked… despite the perm haircuts, afros, and big Chevys, I never really got the impression of being IN the 70s. Oh well. If that’s my only complaint, then I truly have none.

“Will You Go See It? Hell yes. I honestly cannot remember the last movie I walked away from, remembering every joke, still laughing at parts the next morning… this one’s a keeper and I sorely hope it does well enough to warrant a sequel.

Sounds like it might be a corker in that “Charlies Angels” chic approach.