Clints Bits – 25/9


‘Allan’ from Stampede stopped in to let us know that the upcoming “Tremors 4” has a title. “The name of the next film is Tremors Original Showdown. It looks great. Everyone seems very happy with it.”, he says. Better still, there’s an ‘Original Showdown’ website up. It’s still under production so a few of the areas on it aren’t happening just yet – but the introduction, photo gallery, and a couple of spots seem to be functional. For the dilettante, “Tremors Original Showdown” is a prequel to the previous movie, set 100 years before the first Graboid was spotted. Michael Gross stars. Ok, onto today’s miscellaneous bits of whose, what’s, where’s and on whose ground…

  • The “Lethal Weapon” duo of producer Joel Silver and writer Shane Black are teaming with director-producer Thomas Schlamme for “Nice Guys”, a buddy detective drama for CBS.

  • Australian cable channel FX [that’s the one predominantly for the females] will undergo a name change to ‘W’ this November. It’ll apparently be tweaked with some new offerings too.

  • After original “Police Story” star Maggie Cheung refused, Yeung Choi-Nei (Charlie) has been cast as Jackie Chan’s girlfriend in “New Police Story”, says Monkey Peaches.

  • reports that Jason Scott Lee and Mark Dacascos are working on “The Nomad”, set in 18th century Kazakhstan, and telling the story of a boy whose destiny is to unite three warring tribes.

  • He might have said no to seconds of “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, but according to About.Com Sean William Scott is gunning for a sequel to “The Rundown”, his new actioner co-starring The Rock.

  • KariWuhrer.Net reports that the actress going in next week to do some work on some special features and commentary for the "Hellraiser Deader" DVD.

  • SneakPeek.CA says Fox has started production on a brand-new "Popeye" 3-D computer-animated TV special, to be aired during prime time ‘holiday’ season Nov. 24 to Dec. 21, 2004.

  • Erykah Badu [“The Cider House Rules”] has joined the cast of David Duchovny’s writing and directorial debut, “House of D”.

  • it’s confirmed. Billy Crystal will host the 76th Annual Academy Awards. This marks the ninth time popular Crystal has handled proceedings.

  • The official “Indiana Jones” website has had a facelift. It’s now focused on the upcoming DVD trilogy and the fourth film.

  • What the heck is going on here? One minute were informed Queen Latifah is off “Beauty Shop” – the next she’s back on. Seems that’s the case – Latifah is still starring, says Coming Soon.

  • CountingDown has details on an extras call for the new Tommy Lee Jones flick “Cheer Up”. Click here for details. In addition, The Hollywood Reporter says Anne Archer has joined the cast.

  • Reese Witherspoon’s has optioned “Penelope” by Leslie Caveny, a modern-day fable about a young woman plagued by a curse.

  • Showbiz Ireland reports that Neil Jordan [“Interview with the Vampire”] might be planning to make his own version of the “Ned Kelly” story.

  • George Tillman Jr. has come aboard to direct "Revelation" which centres around an FBI agent who’s wounded while foiling an assassination attempt on a cardinal.

  • Parker Posey will play a vampire in “Blade : Trinity”. Sounds like the former queen of Indy is being seduced by the studios.

  • Michelle Williams has been cast in Wim Wender’s next –untitled- pic with Richard Edson and John Diehl co-starring.