One last look down at the Boiler Room


It’s the interview anyone would beseech to have a stool at. A one on one audience with scream-master Wes Craven, and had such an experience. Oh, and they asked him whether he saw “Freddy vs. Jason”. Says Craven, “Yes, I have. I thought it was good fun. It was stronger on the action than story, I think, but it had good action. As a matter of fact, I never was contacted whatsoever with that whole project. Who knows why? No, I just went with my daughter and a friend of hers. And it was because I was being asked in so many interviews.”

Craven also revealed which “Elm Street” he liked the best. “[Laughs] My favorite I suppose would be three, but I’m still prejudiced on that because I helped write it. But I thought it had a coherent theme and it was kind of a logical step from the first one where you had one person finding Freddy to a group of kids that learned they could save themselves and others, and get an advantage over him by going in together. That in essence was a very simple little film about citizenry in a way. In a strange way, it was about you don’t have to be alone in your feelings of weirdness. There are other people out there who are perceived as weird and crazy, but the fact is they are seeing something that’s real and you can take care of that business. There’s strength in numbers”, he says.

Would he ever do a “Scream 4”? “I don’t think so. I think the studio is loathe to do another Scream. They’re making too much money on the comedies and they don’t have any censorship problems basically [like] when you do a serious horror film.”

Now for the good news – there’s two projects in the works. “We have two projects. One is Drowning Ruth which is based on a novel of that name and that is a family drama set after World War I. Not a family movie, but it’s a movie about a family, a farming family in Wisconsin. And that was a New York Times bestseller novel and it was picked up, so it’s a great story. We’d like to do that and we have a screenplay called Starstruck which is kind of a road movie between a young movie star, a guy who is just kind of a bad boy and has been arrested for substance abuse, and made to do public service. He doesn’t want to be doing it but he does have to make appearances at a children’s hospital. He kind of gets conned into a young girl, a 12-year-old girl to have breakfast at Tiffany’s. Even though he’s not supposed to leave the city, they end up going across the whole country pursued by police and everything else. It’s kind of a fun thing because she kind of calls him out and by the end of the movie, he has a very interesting turnaround in the way he’s looking at his life. That’ll be fun and those are the kind of movies I’d like to do next I think.”

Hang on Wes, where’s the horror?