A Mighty Wind gushes into Smallville


Michael McKean’s playing Perry White, Daily Planet head-honcho, on the next season of TV’s “Smallville”, and IGN FilmForce talked to him about it. “I think they kind of like me up there, and were looking for something for me to do. They almost cast me as the principal of the high school, which didn’t work out because I was doing these IFC spots – this was last year – but I’m glad I waited. I had such a good time doing this. I worked with Jeannot Szwarc, who’s this journeyman French director – he’s actually an American now… he’s been in this country for over 35 years or so… but he’s just a wonderful little guy. He’s just an amazing character and a real professional. He’s done a lot of films with big stunts and special effects and stuff, and he’s one of those guys who’s not swamped by it. He really takes care that the scenes make sense, and he’s just a real good craftsman. And everybody up there was very lovely to me, and Vancouver’s a lovely city, so I really had a good time and I’m glad it worked out this way. To be part of the legend is interesting to me.”

McKean also commented on whether or not his character will be recurring. “No. At the end of this episode that I just did, he’s on his way to Metropolis to see if he can maybe find a job. We know what he’s going to wind-up doing. We all know he’s eventually going to be the editor of the Metropolis Daily Planet… I gave away the ending! Yeah, but it doesn’t happen right away. Also, the series takes place in Smallville – not Metropolis. We’ll maybe see him one more time this season, and then we’ll see.”