Yes kids, Jon Peters is still guiding the bird


It’s disheartening to read, but had the official low-down on what’s going on with the latest “Superman” movie and seems…not much. Firstly, have we got a Superman yet? ‘No casting is taking place’, says producer Duncan Henderson. Henderson also announced that McG hasn’t signed on to Direct yet, that Jon Peters is still producing and that J.J Abrams script is still the template for the film. “He confirmed that Owen Paterson is Production Designer and that Kym Barrett is the Costume Designer. He says that the project is ‘in development’ and that him, Peters, Paterson, Barrett and McG are working on developing Superman. And that he, McG and Peters are working closely on improving the screenplay. Duncan also confirmed a lot of the crew members and revealed that Dean Satkowski (3D Modelling/Designing), Diana Zock (Production Coordinator), Judy Bowman (NYC Casting Director), Tonya Jones (Assistant Costume Designer) Mark Zuelzke (Art Director), Bruce R.Hill (Art Director) and Rick Newsome (Storyboard Artist) have all left the project”.[Doh!] Finally, Henderson said there’s a possibility that the film might shoot in Queensland, Australia.