A Galaxy of ideas for new 'Space' series


The film version crashed and burned, but that doesn’t mean “Lost in Space” is all but dead. No siree, according to Variety – it’s headed back to the tube. Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni’s Synthesis Entertainment is teaming with director John Woo [“Face Off”] and scribe Doug Petrie on a new TV take of the classic series, and already stations are putting their hands up to acquire it. This new series will return the show to its roots as a family drama, oh, and without Matt Le Blanc as a gung-ho pilot. "This is a drama about a family that survives an incredible cataclysm," Burns tells Variety. "’Lost in Space’ became a different show because of Jonathan Harris and his talent. That was fabulous, but what Doug did was go back to the show Irwin intended to make. Will there be aliens and monsters and robots (in the new show)? Absolutely. But that’s not what it’s about." Burns said the project will be set about 100 years in the future and will feature a relatable, contemporary family at its core.