So when are the 'Fockers' supposed to be coming?


Finally something solid on that “Meet the Parents” sequel, tentatively titled “Meet the Fockers”. It should definitely have been happening by now and IGN FilmForce asked star Ben Stiller why it isn’t. “They’re still working on the script. It looks like it might be firming up now, they’ve been working on it. I think that the challenge is people like the movie so much, everyone wants a sequel, but everyone wants it good. The audience… when they go into the theater they want it to be good. And with a comedy… I’ve never done a sequel of any kind so I haven’t had the experience yet, but I know with a comedy sequel it’s even, it seems to me it seems tougher because you can’t exploit the same premise because people have seen it. So you’ve got to figure out a way to reinvent it.” And is it still going to be called “Meet the Fockers”? “I don’t know. That’s like the title everybody uses”.