The Doctor's Phone Box is back in order


I’m not a follower of “Dr Who”, so you won’t catch me jumping up and down, but I know a few that’ll find this joyous hearsay hard to take. According to the BBC, the telephone-box peripatetic M.D is back. On TV anyway. The series comeback will be on BBC One by BBC Wales and written by the acclaimed Welsh dramatist Russell T. Davies. "Doctor Who is one of the BBC’s most exciting and original characters. He’s had a good rest and now it’s time to bring him back!," says Davies. "This is very early days and it is unlikely anything will be on screen for at least two years but it is very exciting and I can’t wait to get started," added BBC Wales’ Head of Drama Julie Gardner who will act as executive producer. Too early yet to speculate who might play Doctor Who, but maybe they should take a look at once rumoured Anthony Stewart Head [Giles in “Buffy?]? Thanks to Coming Soon.