You mean the Chucky rumours are true?


‘Chucky’ Daddy/Creator Don Mancini has been pretty obdurate on the fact that his wished-for ‘Seed of Chucky’, the fifth “Child’s Play” movie, is dead in the water. But with the recent resurgence in Hollywood of the modern day horror film, seems Chucky may have had some fresh batteries put in. Upon news over at Aint it Cool, that ‘Child Play 5’ could be back on, if only because of the success of Movies like Eli Roth’s “Cabin Fever”, we got in touch with Mancini’s camp to see if the news is indeed spot on. “Don said to say that things look very good, but it is not definite yet”, we’re told. Looking good? Hey that’s enough for the oodles of Chucky buffs out there I’m sure. Count me in. We’ll keep you posted.