More popular than a Steakhouse free-for-all


Val Kilmer is definitely back on top isn’t he? He’s got “Wonderland”, and soon the Alexander the Great flick. But with such risen reputation, he’s got to start prioritising, with the first of his casualties today. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Iceman is opting out of Michael Mann’s hotly anticipated “Collateral”, because he’s been tied up with Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” project. The role he was to have played in "Collateral" is open. Meanwhile, Dennis Farina [“Another Stakeout”] is stepping into another of the parts in "Collateral." Shooting starts next month on the Stuart Beattie-penned project, which stars Tom Cruise as a contract killer who forces a taxi driver (Jamie Foxx) to chauffeur him around on a series of hits. Farina will play a detective on the run after Cruise’s character.