Clints Bits – 30/9


Saw a burning rash of a blistering film last night – and there ain’t no ointment going to ease the sensation it’ll give. “In The Cut”, just superb. The second half of ’03 is proving to be a better ground for releases. "Pirates", "Nemo", "T3", "In America", "Seabiscuit", "Cabin Fever", and now the Meg Ryan number, it nearly soothes the pain of the junkish "Hulk" of releases pre-mid year. Here’s today’s who’s, what’s, where’s and for how much you going to pay me to do that!

  • Laeta Kalogridis [“Birds of Prey”] has been hired to rewrite the “Wonder Woman” script for the WB. According to Variety, the scribe will write a story that goes back to the roots of the famed comic books but set in the present day.

  • A couple of new gigs for former “Clueless” beauty Rachel Blanchard. She’s joining TV’s “Seventh Heaven”, as well as starring in “Without a Paddle”, the Seth Green/Matthew Lillard comedy.

  • Steve Carroll [“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”] has a couple of new jobs too. He’s joined Woody Allen’s next flick, and also “Sleepover” opposite Jeff Garlin.

  • Fan site, Uncubed, has a slew of new cast and character specs for the upcoming “Cube Zero”, the third in the scholar thriller series.

  • Jon Favreau [“Made”] is in talks to direct Drew Barrymore in the comedy “Date School”, which centers on a woman who is determined to find love but is lousy at dating. She then turns to a dating instructor for help.

  • Don Rhymer [“The Santa Clause 2”] has been hired to rewrite Paramount Pictures/Deep River Prods.’ feature film “The Honeymooners”.

  • It’s up! The trailer for “Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King”. To view it click here or here.

  • Monkey Peaches have several on-set pics up from “New Police Story”, which Jackie Chan is now shooting in Hong Kong.

  • Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive review of the forthcoming “Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood”up at their site here.

  • Want to see a “Killer Klowns from Outer Space 2?” it could be happening, full details over at Bloody Disgusting.

  • Superhero Hype has the first image of Halle Berry in her “Catwoman” costume. Personally, I think it looks lame….but see for yourself.

  • The official site has four brand new – excellent looking – posters for “The Matrix Revolutions” up. In addition, it’s been confirmed that the film will open worldwide on November 5th.

  • The poll at asking whether fans would like to see a “Michael vs. Pinhead” movie is over. 55% of people didn’t want to see the match-up.

  • Tremors Movies has a few interviews up with folks involved in the upcoming “Tremors Showdown” including Director S.S. Wilson.

  • According to ‘Craig’ at FathomPictures, there’s movement on the “American Gothic” movie. Universal has been offered a sumly amount to hand over rights to the cult series.

  • Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn has purchased the option rights to shoot a movie based on China Miéville’s 1998 novel, "King Rat”, says MTV.

  • Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions will produce “Fat Man”, about an 800-pound man who drops 600 pounds with the help of a nurse he finds more appealing than a Happy Meal.