Henriksen gets his Alien Resurrection


Lance Henriksen is joining “Aliens vs. Predator”. But don’t get too excited, he’s not reprising his part of the android, Bishop [the character he played in “Aliens”] that we all know and worship him for – nup, alas the new gig has nothing to do with the master of knife tricks. According to Variety, Henriksen [whose more recently been working for Dimension on pics like “Mimic : Sentintel”] will portray a billionaire industrialist who finances an expedition to the Antarctic to uncover an ancient pyramid and insists on joining the scientists on the journey. When they arrive, they discover two alien races engaged in the ultimate battle. Paul W.S. Anderson is helming the film written by Shane Salerno and Anderson. Shooting begins late October in Prague. Fanboys can essentially rule out any returning characters from either franchise by the sounds of it.