Time to start 'Shielding' those casting rumours


There’s been modest talk of it – besides Brad Pitt being rumoured to be up for it, and martial arts star Gary Daniels interested in the role – and that’s mainly because the rights to Marvel’s “Captain America” have been held up in court. Now, it’s all over. Marvel Enterprises, Inc. and one-time Marvel Comics creator Joe Simon have announced that they have amicably settled their legal dispute surrounding the Captain America Super Hero and its full speed ahead on a film. The specific terms of the settlement are confidential; however, the settlement included Mr. Simon’s assignment to Marvel of any and all copyrights he has in Captain America.

With the lawsuit now settled, Marvel will focus its attention on aggressively building the Captain America property across a variety of mediums. This will include feature film and television deals, licensing/merchandising, promotional programs and exciting new publishing initiatives.

"Captain America ranks as one of the most recognizable Super Heroes in the world, who can stand quite firmly alongside Marvel’s biggest name – Spider-Man," stated Allen Lipson, Marvel Enterprises CEO. "Now, with the legal issue behind us, we can fully explore the deep value that this property brings to the Marvel Universe."

Be interesting to see if this one gets off the ground before DC Comics “Superman”. We bet it does.