Did Guy Pearce pass up the Cape?


Guy Pearce passed on “Batman” – that seems to be the story. Seems yesterday’s titbit was spot on. Christian Bale may have got the nod, but the Australian actor was offered the part, possibly first. According to ‘The Huntress’, Pearce had met with Director Chris Nolan who flat out offered him the lead in “Batman: Intimidation Game” but at the end of the day, Pearce turned it down for another project. Funnily enough, the Australian film “The Proposition”, a bushranger western written by Nick Cave was more up his alley. “Asides from the whole typecasting thing, Guy wanted to do John Hillcoat’s movie. He might have been great as Batman, but he’s much more an actor than that”, says the scooper. “I think Christian Bale was someone they’ve always talked about, but the studio bought his name up again once Guy decided he didn’t want to do it”. “Batman: Intimidation Game” would have been the second film Pearce and Director Nolan would have worked on together. They previously starred together in “Memento”.