Eva Mendes or Pea-Soup Vomit, your pick?


One of the most ostracized Directors in Hollywood right now after stuffing up the new “Exorcist” prequel [apparently – we won’t know the full extent of the damage till it hits theatres next year], Paul Schrader, is determined to keep on fighting ‘em. According to Aint it Cool News, he’s already put the inopportune incident of botching the prequel out of his mind and moved onto the next project.

A scooper for the site says, “Schrader said he and his nephew will be doing a picture called Bottichelli. This has nothing to do with the artist, mind you. It is the story of a Los Angeles escort and her driver, based on a true story of his nephew. As he told it, his nephew used to be the driver for an escort in L.A. and he always used to listen in on her "jobs". For security reasons, I assume. A mic in her purse, a reciever in his ear. Long story short, he fell in love with the escort. He said no more than that.

“Schrader said that he is glad to be getting back to more gritty "on the street" stories. He also mentioned he wants Hayden Christensen to play the driver and Eva Mendes as the escort. I don’t remember if he said they were signed or not, nor how far along things are. Sounded more to be in the beginning stages(your spies can probably round up more info). But it sounds like it could be a really cool movie.

More on this as it comes to hand fans.