He said no to Michael Jackson as Peter Pan, but…


As you’ll know, I’m all for giving the B’s their space too. I’ll report news on Jean Claude Van Damme from time to time. And Seagal. And Chuck. And anyone else that could probably do with a hit or three. And today’s no difference, except this one sounds stinkier than a taxi cab confession. According to Boulevard Magazine, The Muscles from Brussells is apparently set to hit the big time as “Tintin”, in a new live-action feature from Director Steven Spielberg. And it’s not even April 1st…

According to the magazine – as reprinted by the VanDamme.net Forum’s – Spielberg met with the star of such modern day classics as “Replicant” and “The Order” in August and gave him the nod to play the comic book character because not only was he Belgium too, but he was a fan. He’ll reportedly be paid $9 million for the gig.

In addition, the dubious news report adds that Gwyneth Paltrow and Jim Carrey might also be involved.

Sounds very very suss, but this site also claims such a happening, stating that Van Damme has been calling Dreamworks constantly begging for the role. Be nice to know where and how this all started. Surely, it ain’t so?

Thanks to Aint it Cool.